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Social Responsibility

Brooks-Keret Financial Management prides itself on its involvement in the wider community and the donations it gives. 

We see great importance in lending a hand and believe that our involvement strengthens the sense of relationship between the community and dozens of employees. This has become an integral part of the values ​​of Brooks-Keret.

See our volunteers in action! 

קטיף עגבניות Brooks-Keret – ‘Good Deed Day’ at Neve Hadar Boarding School.

קטיף עגבניות Brooks-Keret lent a hand picking cherry tomatoes in Moshav Tkuma after the Operation “Pillar of Cloud” left the Moshav without workers.

MY Mobile 3517

sunBrooks-Keret at ‘Sunrise Summer Camp’ in Even Yehuda.  A ‘Fun Happening’ for children with cancer and their families

test1Brooks-Keret Donation for the ‘Akim Hostel’ in Even Yehuda.


sun“Good Deeds Day” at Reut Moadonit

sun“Good Deeds Day” at Reut Moadonit

deed3“Good Deeds Day” at Reut Moadonit