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Temporary Controller

When your star performer or any team member announces their pregnancy you are of course pleased. Nevertheless, you will have to prepare for them being away from the workplace from between 3 and 12 months.

Brooks-Keret offers external resource to seamlessly replace any of your finance positions, for both short and long periods, during maternity leave.

Working from your company’s offices, Brooks-Keret employees will become a full member of your team.

We can fill-in the following positions:

1.       Payroll controller

2.       Accountant (company controller)

3.       Bookkeeper

We have outsourced controllers with varied experience to help you at every technology stage and task.

For up-and-coming technology companies, Brooks-Keret’s Controllers supply accounting support and guidance designed to manage resources, save money, and assist with the expansion of your company. Also for private companies, Brooks-Keret’s Controllers have the required thorough accounting and operating experience to handle the challenges that can turn up with more established businesses, including rearranging, reshuffling, and starting afresh.

Brooks-Keret’s temporary controllers supervise in-house accounting operations.

Brooks-Keret’s Controllers consistently organize the essential financial reporting correspondence for all executives and board of directors, as well as venture capital investors.

The Controllers are also able to organize daily tasks such as accounting, purchasing, planning, human resources and management services so the founders and hub can concentrate on the target and important tasks of technology and expanding the business.

Temporary controllers for every main technology division.

The Brook-Keret Controllers are happy to help with every major section of a business.

Our Controllers have widespread contact to varied aspects and understand the accounting details of each division. Vital for their success is their regular checking of FASB, GAAP, IRS, and supervision that affects other sectors.

Controllers for Venture Capital and Private Equity firms

The Brook-Keret Controllers also include professionals with knowledge in finance operations as well as managing accounting for venture capital and private equity firms, in addition to their portfolio companies. This assistance also entails the intricate accounting and reporting linked with fund accounting. Whoever you are or wherever you are, a large firm or just staring out-  contact us today for more information!