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Partnership with SOSA



SOSA is a new complex designed for start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors and all those who take part in the high-tech industry.

Entrepreneurs need to consult with people from different circles about their product, design and developments for their customers. On the other hand, there’s the investors who want to be exposed to what’s new in the industry, what entrepreneurs are working on, who the people are that might invest in them. There is also the service providers who want to connect to things in the industry and in addition there are corporations and multinationals who understand that in order to advance in the world they need innovation to come from outside.


The idea behind SOSA is to create interaction between the different circles, almost as large conferences networking but on a daily basis. “We set up SOSA as the town centre. When Angel or an investor visits – Israeli or international – we want to make him feel at home here, as though he owns the place. He can come here for meetings and on the way connect with other entrepreneurs how and contribute a thing or two from their knowledge and from their experience, ” Rami Bracha says.


Brooks Keret accompanies the entrepreneurs sitting in SOSA with consultation meetings regarding the management of their finances.


The meetings are in the form of a meeting with a mentor that accompany each start-up through their own and unique milestones.