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Partnership with Preferred Depot

Preferred Depot


Based in Southern California, Preferred Depot is a full service solutions provider offering Israeli companies in virtually every industry sector a “soft landing” in the U.S. by significantly reducing the costs and minimizing the risks associated with entering the U.S. market.

Preferred Depot was founded by Israeli and American partners with more than 20 years of combined experience working in global high-tech companies and representing major U.S. corporations. Our mission is to assist Israeli companies in establishing their own operation in the United States for the direct sale and distribution of their products and services.

From our offices located near both major air and seaports (Los Angeles and Long Beach), we offer companies to outsource their complete back-office operations from providing office space, handling importation and warehousing, processing client orders, shipping and technical support to legal and business development. In addition, we assist entrepreneurs in finding potential business partners and creating an initial basis for further business relationships.

 Our familiarity with both the U.S and Israeli markets enables us to provide customized packages that are completely tailored to the needs of each company, its field of operation and stage of activities.

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