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What is the benefit of outsourcing versus hiring an internal accountant for our company’s financial handling?

Brooks-Keret provides finance and accounting outsourcing services for startups and hitech companies. 

 Outsourcing Services Outsourcing is the most cost and time-effective method for a company to gain updated professional, high-end services that it cannot sustain internally.
The principal advantage of outsourcing your financial service requirements lies in the greater flexibility the outsourcing model offers. Primarily, you save overhead costs on FTE (full time employees) by avoiding PTO, military reserves (in Israel), health/pension (401K) benefits, and paid holidays. Further, you can easily increase or decrease the required workload as needed, without having to restructure internal resources, layoff excess FTEs, manipulate employment contracts and stipulations, etc.

We already have an in-house financial controller and accountant. Why would we need your external services?

Brooks-Keret’s experience, serving over 250 companies in a variety of industries and fields, demonstrates that even companies with in-house financial personnel often don’t have enough capacity–whether people or skills–to fully and adequately manage the company’s financial activities. Brooks-Keret offers support by taking on some of this workload, thereby freeing your in-house financial staff to focus more effectively on strategic tasks growing your business. 30% of our clients have an in-house CFO/Controller, in addition to benefiting from our external services.
When necessary, we also provide high profile CFO services for small companies that employ an in-house controller.

Until what stage in our company’s development would we use your services?

Brooks-Keret solutions maintain maximum flexibility aligned to the company’s needs. We provide a range of modular services that can be tailored to fit the client’s specific requirements. There is no time limit or “expiration date” after which our services would no longer be relevant. Many companies with an in-house controller, bookkeeper, or any other financial management staff still benefit from outsourced financial services.

How are we involved in the process? How do we monitor and control the outsourced work?

Our operating method ensures that you have access to all data, reports, and information. We set up a system of networked computer terminals at our offices and at the client’s location so that you have direct contact with the Brooks-Keret project manager assigned to oversee the services you have requested. You gain continuous and immediate access to all information regarding the services you receive. You are able to track the status of all activities, and maintain full control.

Why choose Brooks-Keret?

Brooks-Keret is a recognized leader in the financial services sector, with many years of experience on record. It is renowned for providing high-end professional services, and is a proactive business partner whose goals are achieving your objectives. Brooks-Keret works with you to determine your specific needs, and builds a tailor-made service suite that matches your individual priorities. Brooks-Keret’s clients also enjoy the benefits of our experienced on-site CFO.